Safety first

Today is day two of closure at my school.

Some people, mainly our children, will undoubtedly be over the moon with a further extension to their weekend, others, however, will not.

Why is it such a big deal? Well, so much time and effort goes into the end of every term in schools – especially the Christmas one. Events are arranged and practiced for, parents plan to take time off to watch that special moment where their child plays a donkey or a star. Staff, who are working hard to cover absent colleagues, are stretching themselves so that our children can enjoy this special time of year.

But the decision to close is never taken lightly. For me it has to come down to the safety of our school community. Is it safe for our caretaker to be out on the snow and ice working alone? Could disabled visitors access the site safely? What if the cleared paths ice over again, like they did after clearing yesterday? Do we have the staff capacity to receive all 410 children on to the site when staff are travelling from miles away? Will everyone be safe on their journey – whether that be on foot, by car or public transport? All of this must be taken into account and if any of the answers are ‘no’ then the decision is obvious.

I totally understand the desire for as much education as possible for our children, however I cannot and will not compromise anyone’s safety.