Golden ticket

A camp – I was in the scouts, I can cope right? The last camp I was on was in 1997 in San Bernardino, California working with children from gang land south central LA, blind children sponsored by a charity and asthma sufferers having ‘a breath of fresh air’ (I know) in the mountains – a truly eclectic mix.

Ok so I think SLT Camp is for me so I decide to get a ticket. The initial batch of 24 sells out like it’s a One Direction concert. Plan B – sit with iPad in hand refreshing every 10 seconds as the time ticked down to 12.00 and make sure I press the ‘male ticket’ button. I do and to my surprise I have 15 minutes to process my order. I’m in. I feel elated, really chuffed, like Charlie Bucket when he found the golden ticket he had been searching for.

So if i’m Charlie does that make @MsFindlater and @mrlockyer the grandparents – the architects of this new adventure? And surely the role of Willy Wonka has to go to @TeacherToolkit taking us through this fabulously free-learning experience on Friday night…

Like Charlie the initial elation from getting a ticket then turned to thoughts of excitement and apprehension of what to expect. No fear ‘you’ve got mail’ was the tweet – all of a sudden there was a list of trials and challenges to complete. A bake-off (forget the grandparents think Paul and Mary!), finding a charity and blogging about the event (√). Then there’s the options – presenter, leader, facilitator, scribe, camp maker or finisher – which to choose?

The event excites me. The unconference where the learning is free form and shared by other senior leaders will be the recharge that is inevitably required in the middle of November.

But what about the dress code? ‘Happy and comfortable’ they say – judging on the creations i’ve seen in the staff room over the years the mind boggles! …should I take my woggle then?